Remote Copywriting Jobs: What It Is and Where to Find It

The Rise of Off-Site Work in a Tertiary Industry

One of the most significant changes that can occur in the information society is a shift in the way how people organize labour. Today many companies reorganize their workforce to enable employees to work remotely. 

In the postindustrial economy, we witness a decrease in the number of people employed in agricultural and industrial production, and a simultaneous increase in the number of people working in the trade, banking, insurance, marketing and information technology. Since intellectual activities have become an economic asset, businesses discover new ways of the manufacturing process and provide information services.

As a result, the modern workforce doesn’t confine themselves to a specific brick-and-mortar office but tends to break free of any workplace bureaucracy.

What Remote Copywriting Work Is

Remote copywriting work is a way of interacting between an employer and a copywriter when the copywriter sends web copies to the employer over the internet. The job can be done from home or any place with a stable internet connection. Not only a freelancer but also a full-time employee can work remotely. If an employee performs his duties from home and sends the work over the internet, they are considered to be remote employees.

Why Companies Are Going Remote

Employers go remote for practical reasons. To hire talented employees and pay them reasonable compensation, employers must establish comfortable working conditions in the company. Besides, the focus on “remote” allows you to attract workers from other regions and hire a rockstar copywriter. 

In addition, even a well-planned office space that embraces workplace wellbeing is not attractive for employees if they have to spend 119 hours a year stuck in traffic. Employees who have an option for partially remote work show better performance, as they gain more control over the work environment. 

Above all, modern technologies make it possible to ensure that customers around the globe receive services 24/7. The remote team distributed throughout different timezones help the business owner improve brand reputation and work effectively. 

Where to Find Remote Copywriting Jobs

Many companies require an employee to be located in a specific country, region or city. It is also expected that the candidate will sometimes or frequently visit the office for meetings. Most vacancies are tied to a specific location, so if you are looking for a job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, you should pay attention to companies whose employees work throughout the globe. Here are some of the vacancies that we have been collecting for jobseekers: see here.

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What Recruiters Look For in Copywriters

Employers are interested in the following candidate skills:

  • SEO techniques in writing and content structure;
  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Communications or related field;
  • Ability to breakdown complex subjects into easy-to-understand concepts;
  • Expertise in the proper use of AP Stylebook rules, grammar, punctuation, and spelling;
  • Computer skills and experience with Microsoft Office programs and social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube;
  • 2+ years of related experience;
  • Experience in doing research using multiple sources.

How to Become a Good Copywriter

First of all, a good copywriter reads a lot. It’s found that reading challenging works by the classic writers has a positive influence on the human’s brain and is better therapy than today’s self-help books. Scientists from the University of Liverpool measured the brain activity of volunteers as they read original and modern, simplified versions of the classic texts.

Their brain activity ‘lit up’ as they read unusual words, phrases or complex sentences. Buying books is expensive today, so you can join a local library. You can borrow several books at a time for free and get access to the biggest resource of all genres. So, reading is the best way of self-investment. Just use it.

Secondly, look at how your competitors and colleagues work. Follow them on social media, analyze their copies and think of what you would do differently. Subscribe to their newsletters and study their style, strengths and weaknesses.

Thirdly, write a lot and keep growing. Successful writers never cease honing their skills and learning. It’s crucial to promote your services, attend industry events where you position yourself as an expert and build a professional network.

How to Find Online Writing Jobs

Small- and medium-sized companies often don’t have the capacity to screen tons of incoming applications. On average, a corporate job post receives 250 resumes.

Here is what you can do to get noticed.

  • Don’t be afraid to contact the company directly. At small companies, there are few people between you and the hiring manager.
  • Learn about the company you’d like to work for, check its social media channels. 
  • Discover its culture and core values. Find the keywords that perfectly describe their mission. Does all of this match up with what you’re looking for? 
  • Try to contact the HR manager directly and avoid generic ‘info’ or ‘inquiry’ email addresses.
  • In your email pitch, tell the story of you and what you’re looking for. Don’t tell about your diplomas and years of experience. Your main goal is to make the reader learn more about you. Be concise. Explain who you are.
  • Write about your interest in the company, and what’s most important, tell how you can help them solve a particular problem. Companies hire people to get their problems solved.
  • Make your resume simple and compelling. A perfect CV contains the most relevant and specific information.
  • Customise your email and never use “Dear Sir/Madam”. 

Remember, that one good personalized email pitch from you is better than 100 copy-paste templates. Good luck!

Rumor has it that robots going to supplant creative human copywriters. Is that real?

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