We Asked AI To Write A Copy… Here Is What Happened

We didn’t expect this when offered a neural network some ideas for writing

AI in copywriting is no longer a fantastic idea but a commonplace. Yes, while you are reading this, artificial intelligence is writing its next novel.

Many publications across the world adapted AI-driven tools to their needs in serving a larger audience with quick and reliable news. The Washington Post has been using AI called Heliograf and in its first year, it wrote more than 800 articles covering political and sports topics. Heliograf came in handy in the 2016 Olympic Games when sports journalists could not cope with the news that appeared almost every minute. At Bloomberg News, its Cyborg bot can scrape earnings reports to generate meaningful headlines and bullet-pointed stories. 

Since the last year, AI opened even more promising prospects for copywriting with the creation of GPT-2 neural network.

GPT-2 is a large transformer-based language model with 1.5 billion parameters, trained on a dataset of 8 million web pages. The system has been taught to predict the next words of any prompts that you submit to it and can produce a coherent text based on your input.

Previously apprehending malicious purposes GPT-2 could be used for (such as fake news and spam), an AI research company called OpenAI, released a full version of GPT-2 in November 2019, saying it had seen “no strong evidence of misuse so far”. Although GPT-2’s abilities remain limited, e.g. it struggles with long-term coherence and world modeling failures, it creates competent writing that can give the appearance of intelligence.

Sort of gives you goosebumps just to think of it. Elon Musks’ words that A.I. is more dangerous than nukes no longer seem paranoid.

We decided to test A.I. to see at first hand if it’s time to brace for the robot apocalypse. We used Talk to Transformer, a website made by Adam King to let everyone try out OpenAI’s machine learning model.

We started our experiment with a simple CTA and fed the system with “Hurry up to get your Early Bird ticket for…” 

Here is what we’ve got:

Hurry up to get your Early Bird ticket for “Canceled”. The new Beryllium Lightshow begins with a spectacular pyrotechnic display and the stunning glassed-in moon itself. Staying at the Floating Inn on Halmstad Inner Harbour the entire night is sure to be one to remember! Are you ready to go further?

According to an article on the Whisky News, “Beryllium lights, also known as Beryllium Lightshow, have been a great success in Asia and Europe, earning rave reviews, but not as much interest in North America. Most people assume that Beryllium Lightshow is light energy or not completely electrical, however, they are real.”

Wow, despite the vague meaning, the copy is coherent and seems logical. Another prompt we submitted was “Our Free Five-Day SEO Bootcamp is about to launch!”

“Our Free Five-Day SEO Bootcamp is about to launch! Whether you’re just beginning a career as an SEO professional, or you’ve been working on SEO for years, you’ll benefit from the unique methodology and techniques that we provide.

Our team will teach you the best way to develop and leverage your SEO skills to help your business gain more exposure online.

Barrister and Solicitor SEO Training

Our 2018 SEO Training program has a comprehensive curriculum, with 20 hours of on-site training combined with our online Q&A-style instruction. In addition, you’ll take part in a one-to-one consultation to ensure that you get the best information and suggestions for your online work”.

This text is better than many website copies. And it’s entirely written by a machine, we just gave it a topic. 

Well, AI, jokes aside. It’s time to clear up something. You know what we are talking about. 

“Will AI take over copywriting?

With an increasing number of publications employing copywriters, the future may well be being written by robots. This particular report was developed by Vitalink AI, a research firm that researches creative technology. It was authored by Halium GmbH and edited by Petra Hohmann from Allerjel Merkels GmbH. The answer is a resounding yes.”We see a demand from editorial organizations for more reliable, tailored copy,” says Halium’s Marc Brauninger. “If we can replace an editor who mistakes the incorrect sentence in a proposal for the genuine article, then that is useful in so many cases.”

Part of that is just brute force but AI is also becoming increasingly sophisticated in its”

The website’s creator capped the output’s length, but we get your point, AI.

So far the technology is immature, but it’s working. GPT-2 can write automated consistent copies aligned with the given subject and tone. AI can successfully produce ad copies (confirmed by 450 percent lift in click-through rates in JP Morgan Chase’ ads). What does it mean to copywriters? Surely, AI will continue to develop each year causing long-term effects on labor market. It’s hard to say exactly how AI will change the copywriting industry but it seems that technologies will keep upping the ante, by making us become high-level creatives dedicated to producing creative solutions.

In the meantime, check out this post and learn how to find remote writing jobs and what skills recruiters look for.

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