Freelance Writer



ShayCPA is seeking a Freelance writer to write 4-8 blog SEO optimized posts a month for our website.

The ideal word count would be a minimum of 1000 words per post. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Accounting,
  • Taxes,
  • Finance,
  • Startup,
  • Culture, and
  • Business.

The ideal candidate should develop posts from a list of topics provided and pitch their own ideas. The candidate should also have a working knowledge or interest in the above-listed subjects as we are looking for an upbeat and engaging voice.


Business Writer



Hello! We’re a B2B SaaS company that helps Customer Success, Product Managers and founders build better products by helping them track customer feedback.

We’re looking for writers who have experience writing non-beginner, advanced level content, on any topic (because this raw talent and experience is more important for us than domain expertise, which can be picked up quickly).

About you:

  • You have portfolio pieces that show you have experience discussing and dissecting topics beyond the introductory, “beginner guide” level. See examples in the “What Advanced Level Writing Looks Like to Us” section below.
  • You are comfortable interviewing subject matter experts and turning the learnings from the interviews into educational business articles that will teach your readers how to accomplish something or think about something in a new way.
  • You should have an understanding of what is obvious and uninteresting to customer success, product managers, and founders, as well as what is interesting, educational, noteworthy.

What Advanced Level Writing Looks Like to Us

The more your pieces look like this, the more likely we are to email back.

[Story] Why Customer Success should own more of your Product Roadmap

[SEO] Seven reasons to NOT collect feedback with a public voting board

[How To Strategy] Using customer feedback to drive growth: a guide for SaaS Product Leaders

[How To Strategy] Five high-value points in the SaaS customer journey when your should ask for feedback (with examples)

Examples of Pieces we Don’t Want

We don’t want pieces like this.

Example #1.

Example #2

Necessary Skills for Our Writing Team

  • You must have something we call “clarity of thought,” i.e., understand the key points of a post and how to convey them without fluff.
  • You must be able to respond intelligently to editing and feedback. We always provide constructive criticism and expect to work with you to make the post as strong as it can be.
  • You must be empathetic and know what matters to the audience for each piece.
  • You must be responsive (we don’t assign pieces or deadlines without checking with you and usually have at least two weeks built in for back-and-forth on each piece).
  • Must have experience/portfolio showing prior experience on these types of articles. If you don’t, we won’t have a good way to judge you.

How we Pay

  • Contract (fixed-price per article basis)
  • We pay $150 – $350 per article depending on length and type
  • We don’t have word count requirements for our posts. Our philosophy is “However long you need to make your points.” But you can see typical lengths in the above examples, or know that they typically fall between 1200 – 3000 words.


Research Writer


Remote, US

Levvel is currently interviewing for a Research Writer and analyst. We are looking for a versatile individual with strong technical/business writing skills, as well as some experience in an analyst/consultant capacity. This role is for a position within Levvel’s research capability, which houses both technology industry analysts and market research services. 


Business/marketing writers

Your Lifestyle Business


I’m looking for 2-4 writers in the online business / marketing niche to draft high quality articles for my site.

Topics we will cover will include, social media, information marketing, ecommerce, lead generation etc.

Each article will be anywhere from 2000 – 10,000 words.

I want writers who have an easy going, humorous & personable style of writing, are good researchers and have SEO writing skills.


  • You must be a native English speaker
  • You’re looking for a long term, regular position. I’ll be looking to contract minimum 1 article per week per writer
  • Good researcher with an inclusive mindset as I like to link to lots of resources in my articles
  • Adhere to deadlines
  • Be enthusiastic about SEO and willing to share opinions on keywords etc
  • Be well versed in the online business / marketing niche


  • You will be paid at a rate per written word. Rate is 4-7 cents per word, depending on content quality. Please state your ideal rate.
  • Articles produced must not be shared or republished and I own the exclusive rights to all the content.
  • You will be provided with the relevant information to start an article.
  • If you’re shortlisted you will be given a 500 word paid trial article.


Send me your best & relevant writing examples using the form below;